Saturday, April 07, 2018

Quad Probability Gate for Eurorack

A module that has one gate input, one cv input and four gate outputs. The cv input sets the likelihood (from 0% / 0v to 100% / 5v) that the input gate is mirrored at each of the four output gates. The probability for each output gate is calculated individually.

Download source code, schematics, panel and pcb here:

Thursday, March 08, 2018

Trail: WTY from Ardrossan to Edithburgh - 2 Nights, 85 km

Another section on the Walk the Yorke trail. Beautiful and sometimes isolated, this trip gave me a chance to try the recon bivy a little more as well as use a lighter camera. The coastal and beach sections were beautiful.

Trail: WTY from Port Wakefield to Ardrossan - 1 Night, 65 km

I've started doing the Walk the Yorke trail in sections. South Australia can be a beautiful place, and there is certainly something quintessentially South Australian about the Yorke Peninsula. Mixed farmland, mangroves, scrub and protected coastlines can all be seen in the first 65 km of the walk from Port Wakefield to Ardrossan.

It's an easy walk, very flat, with a shelter just after Port Arthur. I stayed in Port Clinton overnight, which was a nice little fishing holiday spot (if you're into that). I caught a bus out to there; YP Coaches run a services to much of the Yorke Peninsula departing Adelaide.

The good weather meant I could try out my summer setup - which in this case was an MLD Core 28 pack, an EE Enigma 50, an EE Recon and a Toaks Titanium pot. My 'big four' weighed about 1 kg.

Presentation of Climate Change Through Sonification

Presented at the 25th AMOS National Conference and 12th International Conference for Southern Hemisphere Meteorology and Oceanography, a joint conference of the Australian Meteorological and Oceanography Society and the American Meteorological Society.

More information can be found here.

Roland DP-10 Foot Pedal as MIDI Switch

I've been helping Melanie Walters with performances of Narcissus by Thea Musgrave. To make playing the work live a little more manageable, a foot pedal is used to scroll through presets of the Max for Live patch.

A Roland DP-10 foot pedal was modified to act as a stand alone MIDI controller via a Teensy, thereby no longer requiring a MIDI keyboard or piano in order to interface with a computer. The connector jack end of the pedal was cut and the three wires tinned.

In switch mode (as opposed to continuous mode), only the shield and white cables are required. Shield is connected to ground, and white is connected to pin 1 of the Teensy microcontroller. The code uses the Bounce2 library.

A quick and easy solution to controlling a Max for Live device in a concert situation.